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How it Works

An increasing number of customers are using online services in recent years and tailoring services are no exception. Because of the Simple and Hassle Free procedure, an increasing number of consumers are opting our tailoring services. Here are the following steps you need to follow to get our services 

Step - 1

Book an appointment with our Stitch Experts through our Website: 


There are two ways to get your Appointment fixed 


Online Booking:

  • Visit our website and Scroll down to the ‘Our Services’ Section

  • Click on ‘Book Now’ button to enter into the Booking Calendar Interface

  • Select your desired Date and Time.

  • Proceed to Submit your Booking.

  • You’ll receive a notification from our end, confirming your Appointment.


Or you can contact us through our Customer Care number: +91 99597 48025.

Step -2

You visit our Studio on the appointment Date 

Meet with our stitch Experts, discuss your requirements and go through the Unique measurement system.

We will allot you a date to receive your order.


Step - 3

It's all about "custom," and we stitch your clothing to your specifications. We carefully Tailor your outfits and utilize high-quality embellishments. 


To make you and your Outfits look stylish, we execute a variety of Workmanship and designer work. 


Your fabric will be handed over to our Stitch expert who makes sure your Outfits fit you perfectly and then after the rigorous quality Checking Procedure we deliver your Final Outfit.

Step -4

After all the quality checks, your outfit is now ready.

We will fix an appointment for your trail and Notify you about it.

Check if there are any further Alterations necessary


Voila you are now a Member of BluTailor Family.

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